About Us

LIDCO, INC.. has been providing on farm soil and drainage services since 1960.  Geographically, these services have spanned the globe…from Saudi Arabia and Iran to Argentina and Costa Rica….from California to Texas.

LIDCO, INC. has a broad base of agricultural drainage installation equipment.  Its teams of people are the most experienced in the industry.  It has undertaken drainage research over the years with top soils scientists and institutions.

Your Best Choice in Drainage: LIDCO, INC.

LIDCO, INC. offers a full service in dewatering and field drainage.  From staking and installation to cleaning drainage systems, LIDCO, INC. has had over 50 years of experience.  LIDCO, INC. is the largest farm drainage specialist in the Western United States.  Over its lifetime, LIDCO, INC. has installed over 100 million linear feet of drainage pipe.

LIDCO, INC. : Specialists in Dewatering Systems - The Horizontal Approach

A horizontal approach to dewatering can provide a more uniform draw down of the water table versus well points and wells leaving the surface area clear from pipes, electrical installations and other obstacles.  This provides better access and mobility around the construction site. 


LIDCO, INC.. has merged with Clayton’s Drain Tile Maintenance to become a full service company in Northern California.   Clayton’s Drain Tile Maintenance, owned and operated by Mark Clayton has over 30 years of experience in cleaning and maintaining drain lines in agricultural fields.   Clayton’s main work is in Imperial Valley.  Now LIDCO'S customers outside of Imperial Valley will be able to benefit from the expertise of LIDCO'S crews and Clayton’s crews. 


Main Services



We offer an alternative dewatering system utilizing horizontal drains encased in gravel.



GPS preliminary survey and system design. Staking and mapping of approved systems utilizing RTK GPS accuracy. Installation of pipe and gravel with specialized trenching equipment.