About Us

LIDCO has been providing on farm soil drainage and dewatering services since 1960. LIDCO provides a full range of professional drainage services. Our specialized equipment and experienced team are unmatched in the industry. 

LIDCO can provide turn-key solutions, including: 

  • Initial site assessment and survey
  • Design and installation of new tile systems
  • Cleaning and revitalizing of existing tile systems

In 2017, LIDCO pioneered the installation of reverse tile drain systems for the purpose of subsurface storage of excess surface water for future use.  This subsurface groundwater recharge system is known as TILE RECHARGE.


THE LIDCO WAY is based on our wealth of experience in tile drainage system design, installation, and maintenance. Since our founding, LIDCO has continuously brought new technologies and techniques to the drainage and dewatering industries. We strive to improve the effectiveness and longevity of the systems we design and install.

One key aspect of THE LIDCO WAY is encasing the horizontal perforated tile pipes in a gravel envelope. Through decades of experience we have witnessed the long-term benefit of installing a gravel envelope. 

The gravel: 

  • Strengthens the pipe
  • Increases effective drainage or recharge surface area
  • Filters and prevents sediment from entering the tile system 
  • Prolongs the life of the tile system

LIDCO’s specialized installation equipment provides a cost effective, efficient, and safe way to install 4 to 15-inch diameter pipe, 3 to 15 feet deep.

 In a single pass, our equipment can simultaneously:

  • Create a trench
  • Install the pipe at the desired depth and slope
  • Encase the pipe in gravel

To ensure the highest quality installation, line grades and alignments are controlled using laser levels and Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS systems.